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A Fan-Group for the ever so amazing, Gravity Falls series on Disney Channel! :dummy:
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Jun 16, 2012


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Fan Club

8,796 Members
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It would seem that the next episode of Gravity Falls has finally been announced! Exactly one month from now, on February 16th, the next episode, Northwest Manor Noir, will be airing. A clip of this episode was apparently shown off at the CTN panel a couple months back.
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edencrafty127 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018
Gravity Falls For The Win!!
aalberts36 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2018
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  For those of you that know, I do holiday specials.  Up until now, they've been primarily set in the Phineas and Ferb show, but for Valentine's Day, I want to do something else.  I will be basing it on a marital game show I watch all the time when out cruising for summer vacation, where couples who have been married for a certain amount of time are asked questions, sometimes a little too personal, about their love lives.  I'm going to add my own little twist, and put four Disney XD couplings on stage to answer questions in the same manner.  I will be coming up with questions of my own, but I want to know if there is anything you wanted to ask them.  I do have one rule though, anything I deem too NSFW will not be considered for the final piece.  For reference, the couples I am adding are Star and Marco, Dipper and Pacifica, Milo and Amanda and Phineas and Isabella.  In this piece, they will all be married for at least 3 years, and it will be called the Disney XD Couples Contest.  It will consist of two parts, the first part being the answers to the questions, and the second will be the announcement of an overall winner, i.e. the coupling who the audience thought gave the best answers.  I am giving everyone until the end of this month to submit questions via the comment section or notes, but you have to state whether you are addressing a specific couple or asking in general.  Go nuts, guys!
ricekrispyiest Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I think all your folders are full :/
Kittazzi Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been trying to add my new drawing of Giffany to the appropriate folder, but it says that the folder has reached its capacity. If any of you guys could help me out with the situation, that'd be great. :)
Shanglong87 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Hi, you could try to send a note to the group telling them the Folder is full. I've noticed ETC. Folder is full too.
TrollFishPrince Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hey, idk if any of the admins are active, but the twins folder is above capacity, just thought y'all might wanna know.
aalberts36 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
Can one of you please help me out.  I've been working on a fanfic series that crosses over Milo Murphy's Law, Phineas and Ferb, SVTFOE and Gravity Falls in an Avengers' like mix with Bill as the main antagonist.  So far, Milo's part is done, but one chapter features a cameo from the Pines twins and the latest two chapters have appearances from Bill in them, as well as a reference to Wierdmageddon or two.  Are they OK to put on here?
papercoder2 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2017  Student General Artist
do you want help? info here  new comic series idea by papercoder2
jppiper Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017
happy 5th anniversary gravity falls
ddp456 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017
Hey all!

I have been asked by the creators of this event to encourage the Gravity Falls community here to join us in celebrating another annual Wendip Week!

On the last week of July, we give focus on the relationship between the Oregon-native Lumberjack Princess and her inquisitive partner in crime.  Don't ship them as a romantic couple?  That's okay!  The beautiful thing about this event is that we welcome ALL different views on the duo!

You only see them as best of friends?  That's great! You view them as something that can blossom into something more?  That's awesome, too!

The idea is that we highlight anything (positive) that is Wendy and Dipper related on those seven days!

To add to the fun, the partners running the show sent out surveys for different themes for each day - a new and exciting prompt chosen by fellow Gravity Falls fans that'll hopefully will inspire you to participate in WDW.  
Drawings, fanfictions, cosplays, music, music videos, or anything else you can think of can be used.

If you want to submit a piece, follow the link below:

Or use the hashtag:  "WenDipWeek" to mark your submission on your tumblr, Twitter, or what may have you.

This year, the selected prompts are as follows:

07/25/2017 - “Meet the Parents”

07/26/2017 - “Time Travel”

07/27/2017 - “5+1”


07/28/2017 - “The gang finds out”

07/29/2017 - “Handcuffed/Bound together”

07/30/2017 - “Fake relationship”

07/31//2017 - “Naughty and nice”

and lastly, for those who wish to aim at something different, we have:

08/01/2017 - “Wildcard”

So, if you had a Wendip idea in mind, but none of the other days would allow you to incorporate that idea, this day is for you.

With over a month away, you will have plenty of time to think on your submissions for the Wendip Week. And if you can’t find one - go out and explore, the vast deep woods, creepy dungeons, cozy, yet eerily mysterious towns near you, or simply close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest of the job.

And who knows?  Maybe I'll have a surprise (or two) waiting for you guys during this week...

Thanks for reading, GF true believers, and hope you decide to join in!

Quick FAQs:

"Who created this again?"

Three hardcore GF fans:

came together to form this celebration, as with my case, Wendy/Dipper are their favorite characters.

"Do I have to participate in every day?"

Of course not! We understand, life gets busy or sometimes the inspiration just isn’t there. You can do submit any number of entries, to any number of prompts.

"What if I have questions?"

You can contact any three of the co-admins posted above and they will get back to you asap! Please be aware that all three do have a busy schedule. Please be patient and don’t overuse their mailboxes ;)

"But Pacifica is way better with Dipper!  Besides, Wendy said - "

Look, I understand that people have different opinions on the show, and that's more than okay.  But for this certain period of time, we wish to focus on this one particular angle of Gravity Falls and hope others that share in that view would join us.

If you don't see things in that light, there's nothing wrong with that.  But please, I ask this beforehand, don't be a troll/jerk/pest/etc, and try to ruin things for others.  After all, I know I don't bother the "Dipifica" community even though I don't have the same preference.  So, please, be kind and considerate to your fellow GF fans.

Thank you all for reading, and see you there!
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